You will be entered into a drawing to receive a $2 coupon after completing the Survey. Your Weis Reward Card will be updated with the discount once it has been processed.

Take Weis Feedback Survey

Every single person is eligible to receive a maximum of five coupons each and every month. You are permitted to exchange your prize for anything sold at Weis Market, including gas, but you are not permitted to give away or sell your Prize.

Weis is now able to collect feedback from their customers more easily thanks to the website It is necessary to make a purchase at one of the Weis Markets.

Take Weis Feedback Survey

Weis Markets requires their customers to have the invitation receipt in order to provide feedback. It is the thing that stores the activation code for the website that you use.

The Weis feedback platform, along with the survey rewards it offers, is a mechanism for ensuring that clients receive the highest quality of service.

It gives the company a channel through which to communicate directly with their customers about any complaints or concerns they may have. The survey plays a significant role in ensuring that the company will make necessary and critical changes to its service sector.

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